White socialist worker's movement flag

The White Socialist Workers' Movement, sometimes called Whiteshirts, are a faction of Marxist white supremacists who believe that communism can only be achieved by not only eliminating the ruling classes, but also the lumpenproletariat and "non-historical peoples" as well. They are most infamous for their ideals that promote the Irish, Germans, English, French, Russians, Poles, Magyars, Dutch, Italians, Georgians, Armenians, Scottish, Spanish, Portuguese, and Scandinavians as the "true proletarian race" while deeming the rest as "lumpenproletariats" with the most hated of them being blacks and Jews. Like other communist movements, the Whiteshirts are militant atheists.



During the Grimm Crisis, many of the lower-class white community felt distrustful with the actions of the Cult of the Whitehand, along with its inability to provide support for the working class, which had been suffering from harsh conditions. In response, a few radicals dressed themselves in modern military uniforms colored in white, violating the Whitehand's dress code, and thus founded the White Socialist Workers' Movement, combining the original interpretations of Marxism with isolationism, jingoism, protectionism, militant atheism, and white supremacism. At the same time, the White Workers' Republic was officially formed within the Barren Wastes as an independent state, which proved to be short-lived as it only lasted for two days.


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